About Rotoroptic

ROTOROPTIC produces aerial photography and video based out of Frankford, Ontario, Canada. We specialize in the use of small unmanned aerial vehicles, aka drones. Our job and passion is to provide the best possible aerial video and photographs for every job, with a driving factor that is very important to ensure that the client, hopefully you, is happy with the finished product.


ROTOROPTIC services a variety of customer requests such as advertisement of real estate, structural inspection, commercials, construction site survey, events, basically anything the customer would legally require a camera in the sky. The “Sky's the Limit” as they say!

Real Estate

Think of the benefit when potential buyers view a dynamic and engaging perspective, showcasing your entire property within a single shot, or gracefully moving through the air to highlight those important features. Aerial video and photography offers the most detailed view of a home, building, or property, and it's surrounding area.


General contractors and developers know that having photos taken of their construction site is essential. It’s the single most effective way to settle conflicts, avoid costly delays, and provide valuable information to all parties including owners and lenders. We understand the importance of capturing detail in the images, not just wide overviews. ROTOROPTIC can provide a comprehensive construction progress from inception, to completion, with our aerial photos and video

Structural Inspection

Is that multilevel roof in need of repair?? We can get you detailed closeup photographs so you can see for yourself, without risking injury to anyone.

Is there something up high or too risky for a person to get close to? We can help.

About Rotoroptic

Dedication to safety

ROTOROPTIC operates under a Special Flight Operations Certificate issued by Transport Canada. For compliance with regulations, this means we have the required aviation insurance, and that we follow a large set of regulatory guidance as set forth in the Canadian Aviation Regulations. This is the only way to operate legally in Canada. For the client and general public, ROTOROPTIC, above all, operates safely. Every operation follows a defined process to ensure the proper checks and balances are in place.

We conduct safe drone operations:

Personal safety & protection of property is our first priority. Pre-flight planning, inspections and two party checklists are part of every unmanned aerial photography flight. While flying the aircraft, a member of the ground crew always has visual contact with the aircraft. A thorough inspection of all equipment is conducted following each flight.

We operate below 400’ (above ground level) and communicate with the appropriate airspace authority prior to every operation.

Rotoroptic is dedicated to safe operations of UAVs

We respect privacy:

ROTOROPTIC will not conduct drone operations for one party to gather information about another party. We plan each flight in advance to focus aerial photos or video on the subject of interest in order to maintain the privacy of others.

meet our team

Steven St. Clair
Steven St. Clair

With a background in avionic systems and a diploma in Avionics Engineering Technology, Steven graduated with honours in 2005 with Transport Canada accreditation. His training and knowledge has subjected him to attaining the required qualifications for small UAV operations with Transport Canada. He holds a Restricted Operator Certificate with aeronautical qualification from Industry Canada.

Steven is an avid radio controlled aircraft and SUAV(small unmanned aerial vehicle, drone) enthusiast, with over 25 years experience flying and building various sizes. Steven is the owner, pilot, and operations manager of ROTOROPTIC.

Lesley Schwartz
Lesley Schwartz

Lesley Schwartz has 4 years experience as a visual observer and airband radio operator on the company’s two primary aerial platforms, and has accumulated approximately 119 and counting operational hours. She holds a Restricted Operator Certificate with aeronautical qualification from Industry Canada, which allows her to also perform the required communications tasks during operations. Lesley has gained proficiency in all aspects of the responsibilities as required through self study and practical training provided by ROTOROPTIC with a very high level of competence.

Lesley began her experience as a visual observer and radio operator of small UAV flight with Steven’s first multirotor in 2011. In 2013, she expanded her role as visual observer to training as camera operator and photographer, operating the camera with a second remote on a larger UAV platform. Phenomenal communication skills allow her to work seamlessly to promote a safe and effective working environment. Having attained a BA and HBA in economics and fine arts from the University of Toronto, Lesley’s background invites creativity and a keen sense of capturing imagery to support future operations. Her experience and professionalism are a true asset to the company, and have proven to be an integral component in the safety of operations.